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Uniball 207

$2.00 Released January, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Ink is waterproof and chemical proof. Writes smoothly.

The Cons:Can get messy and/or blotchy results. Ink can dry out on gel pens in general. Runs dry unless it has multiple sheets underneath it.

The Uniball 207 is a retractable, gel rollerball pen and was introduced by the Rubbermaid company as a fight against check washing. Check washing is a process used by thieves in they erase the ink on a check (usually with a solvent) then rewrite it to make fraudulent withdrawals.

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Product Shot 2 In 2006, check washing led to 800 million dollars of fraud in the US. The Uniball 207 protects against check washing because of one main reason: it uses a pigment-based ink, as opposed to a dye-based ink. This means the pen ink adheres to the surface it's writing on, whereas the other types of ink sit on top (thus making it easier to wash). If you already have a favorite rollerball pen, the 207's ink cartridge will fit in most encasings. The Uniball 207 comes in either a 0.7mm tip or 0.5mm tip.

Ink Features

  • acid-free ink
  • fade proof
  • waterproof
  • chemical proof

This video goes through an example of check washing and how the Uniball 207 stands up.

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  • 6

    ink is waterproof and chemical proof

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    writes smoothly

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    can get messy and/or blotchy results

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    ink can dry out on gel pens in general

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    Runs dry unless it has multiple sheets underneath it.

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vsaxena911: #uniball_207 I cannot believe how much content you were able to find about a pen, lol lol lol! That's what I call TALENT! Oct 29, 08
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Amanie: #uniball_207 I love that it's under 2 bucks for such a revered pen. Too bad more things weren't so well priced... Sep 21, 07
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GT-D: #uniball_207 i need one of these for work >_< I end up doing my counts on carbon paper and hardly any pens ever work well. Not to mention I now pay my rent and stuff with cheque - hadn't used them much before. Sep 21, 07
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heapatrouble: #uniball_207 I use the Z07 pen every day at work. Among its other benefits, it is the only pen I've found that will consistently write on the back side of carbon paper. Sep 1, 07
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Erik: #uniball_207 Oh crap! There goes my check-washing business! Aug 31, 07
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